New T-Shirt Line Pays Fierce Tribute to 'Paris Is Burning'

By: Brandon Voss

Ready to werk the runway in style?

The cheeky T-shirt line Trophy Pony, a new off-shoot of the spandex and fetish gear shop Slick It Up, is bowing down to Paris Is Burning, the classic 1990 documentary about the New York City drag ball scene.

Trophy Pony's debut collection includes the "Butch Queen Tank," which calls out one of the film's most quotable ball categories, "Butch Queen First Time in Drags at a Ball."

Serving ancient Egyptian realness, the "Hooray for You" tank pays tribute to late queen Dorian Corey, who, as was discovered after her death, had shot an intruder and kept his mummified remains in her closet! She was no joke, honey. Miss Corey also delivered the film's classic line "Hooray for you."

Buy them both here and live.