WATCH: Justin the Sexy Buck Makes a Great Nasty Pig Too

By: Daniel Villarreal

Countless bears, bulls, chickens and otters have all taken to Facebook and Twitter to proudly declare "#iamNASTYPIG".

And many of them have also included sexy self-pics, wearing the undies, jockstraps and street gear that have made Nasty Pig the most (in)famous name in gay-owned apparel.

The response to #iamNASTYPIG has been hot — both in terms of sizzling self-pics from Nasty PIg customers and Matthew Camp's censored NSFW video that's been burning up Vimeo. (Seriously, if you haven't seen 'em yet, go do it now.)

"It's really crazy how many different types of guys get into our brand," says Nasty Pig CEO David Lauterstein. "The #iamNASTYPIG campaign is a celebration of our diverse customer base, and the outlook they have in common... the desire to live life hard and to keep it authentic."

But it's even hotter when you realize that the sexy models in Nasty Pig's videos are also everyday customers.

In the past they've featured Matthew Camp, whose hustler-vibe embodies NYC's young, hungry and batshit crazy pace; Mark Kane, who hooked the company's with pictures of himself in Nasty Pig gear; Abel Llojka, a beach stud who wowed Nasty Pig with his culinary skill and Will Wikle, a nurse practitioner by day who moonlights as a hot-ticket go-go dancer.

In their newest video below, they're featuring Justin Holmes, a playful buck who rocks Nasty Pig with his own special style. Watch him work it in (and out of) Nasty Pig gear and then take your own #iamNASTYPIG shot to show how you rock it.

"We're keeping a close eye on all the interactions," Nasty Pig VP of Marketing & PR Dave Hughes said. "There's nothing we love more than discovering a new model on Twitter or Facebook."