The 'Queer Eye' Guys Want to Makeover Ben Affleck

By: Brandon Voss

Is there a 10-year reunion of the hit Bravo makeover series Queer Eye in the works?

“I’ve talked to the guys, and we’re all game to do it,” Carson Kressley recently told Page Six. “We’re just trying to figure out the venue, of when and where... It might just be a barbecue at my house.”

Even so, Carson — who recently had some choice words for Boy Scouts uniforms — already has his sights set on a fashion victim for the Fab Five's comeback. “Maybe Ben Affleck,” he said. “Not that he needs it. But I think he needs a shave after Argo, and I could totally go swimsuit shopping with him.”

We'd like to see that. And if it pans out, we could definitely add an 11 to Ben Affleck's Top 10 Gayest Moments!