WATCH: How to Smell Like Adam Levine

By: Brandon Voss

Motorcycles, girls in lingerie, nature shots, vintage clips... it must the new teaser for Adam Levine's scent, which presumably smells like tattoo ink, overexposure, and Russian models.

"I typically hate celebrity fragrances,” says the Maroon 5 frontman and Voice mentor before rambling on about why his celebrity fragrance is different and awesome and could kick other celebrity fragrances' asses. “It’s very basic and very classic. The anti-celebrity fragrance, really simple.”

Adam goes on to explain how he was involved in every step of the process, including figuring out "the way it smells on a woman,” but don't worry — he's made a men's fragrance too.

"I think we’ve really created two different scents that are bold and unique and make people feel good about themselves," Adam adds, "and God, man, that’s a good thing to do."

Buy the fragrance at Macy's and watch the promo video below.