WATCH: David Beckham's Tailor Has the Best Job in the World

By: Brandon Voss

We needn’t have worried that his retirement from soccer would mean less half-naked moments for David Beckham.

Sure, it's not as nudie as one of his H&M underwear commercials, but the international heartthrob still manages to show off the goods in the new ad for his latest fragrance Classic.

In a dark dressing room, serving James Bond realness, David seductively changes from his streetwear into a fancy suit, pausing to take in all his shirtless, sweet-smelling splendor.

"Can I be of further assistance, sir?" asks the dutiful old tailor, no doubt filing the moment in his spank bank. "I have all I need," David responds, spritzing himself with his own scent.

Oh, we know exactly what you need, Becks. And so does your tailor.

Check out the sexy new ad below.