WATCH: What Really Wakes Up Marc Jacobs in the Morning

By: Brandon Voss

Back to work, those Brazilian beach makeout sessions now a fading memory, Marc Jacobs is the latest fashion icon to take part in Vogue's "Vogue Voices" series.

Beyond his creative process, the out fashion designer spends the 10-minute video discussing his most recent tattoo, his kinship with Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, and the reason he wore a black Comme des Garcons tunic to the Met Gala: "What could be more unconventional than a man in a lace dress?”

The Disconnect star also details his daily health and beauty routine, which includes the energizing jolt of a daily morning workout, plus a lot of "lotions and potions." Considering he looks this good at 50, we want recipes!

Check out the confessional below.