Say No to Sochi on a George Takei T-Shirt

By: Brandon Voss

You already know George Takei wants the Olympics beamed out of Russia due to its antigay climate, and the Star Trek icon keeps sticking it to Sochi in style.

“I’m Putin the pressure on,” wrote the Takei’s Take host on Facebook, linking to his new “It’s OK to be Takei” branded tee with the slogan “Say No To Sochi” and a graphic of the Olympic logo reimagined as interlinked handcuffs. "I’m donating all profits from this shirt to GLAAD, which is working to keep pressure on the spineless IOC and on Russia. (I recommend the white or gray color, which show off the handcuff colors better. Oh myyy.)"

"Help send a message that hate has no place in The Games," reads the item's description on Amazon. "George Takei will donate all profits from this shirt to GLAAD to help pressure Russia to change its laws or risk losing the games."

Will you buy one? The holidays are just around the corner, so order extras for the gay geeks in your life.