To Shave Down There? Watch Josh Thomas Discuss Pre-Date Grooming Rituals

By: Contributor

Please Like Me is like "a gay Australian hybrid of Louie and Girls: hyper-realistic, cringe-inducing but still funny, and deeply autobiographical." And comedian Josh Thomas, the 27-year-old star and showrunner of Pivot TV’s breakout hit, says he's not hiding anything. “I am him,” Thomas says of the on-screen Josh. “Nothing is different. In real life I have more pimples, though, because I don’t have a makeup truck.”

In this clip from this week's episode, Josh tackles the age-old dilemma any man faces before going on a date: to shave or not to shave (down there). Watch and laugh with him (not at him).

Watch the clip from Episode 3, "PARMIGIANA"; Please Like Me airs Friday, Aug. 22 at 10:30pm ET/PT on Pivot.