Spill the Tea (Biscuits) with ‘Kiki Kitchen’

By: Jase Peeples

The Glam Awards – the annual tribute to the best in LGBT nightlife – kicks off on November 18 at club XL in New York City and Kiki Kitchen has prepared a special treat that’s perfect for serving while serrrving on this or any other awards show.

Spilling the Tea Biscuits are an absolute must-have at your next kiki and with only 3.5g carbs per biscuit, a girl doesn’t have to worry about having a few nibbles while she dishes the dirt.

And speaking of dish, Village Voice Columnist and NYC nightlife celebrity Michael Musto pops into the Kitchen this week to spill some tea of his own while sampling this episode’s low-carb yumminess.

(Oh, and just between us ghurls… rumor has it, these treats are secretly low-carb peanut butter cookies in drag, but we’re not ones to spread gossip, so you didn’t hear it from us.)