Happy Hanukkah from Kiki Kitchen

By: Jase Peeples

Shalom from Kiki Kitchen, children!

The eight days of Hanukkah are a fabulous time of year, but if a queen isn’t careful all those scrumptious treats can increase her dress size in no time. Oy Vey!

Not to worry kids, because Kiki Kitchen has found a worry-free way to enjoy every Feygele’s favorite recipe – Latkes!

Kiki Kitchen’s Hanukkah Latkes are a sickening substitution for this traditional dish. Perfect for Jewish boys and their goy toys!

Of course, you know the queen of Kiki Kitchen couldn’t dish on a dish like this without some help from a few nice Jewish boys and Jayson (Queen Jew of NYC and founder of He’Bro) Littman was only too happy to swing by with a couple of gents who fit the bill.

Watch as they give us a lesson on the proper way to play with a short Jewish top!

Oy Gevalt!