Barilla's Biggest Rivals Declare 'Pasta for All'

By: Brandon Voss

Unless you've had your head in a bowl of sketti, you've heard Guido Barilla's antigay comments. He's since made a video apology, but you'll be buying Bertolli or Buitoni from now on; both competitors have posted Facebook responses to Barilla's PR nightmare.

Bertolli Germany posted the photo below on its Facebook page with the caption "Love and pasta for all!"

"We just wanted to spread the news that Bertolli welcomes everyone, especially those with an empty stomach," a rep for Bertolli's German social-media agency, Orca im Hafen, tells AdFreak.

Meanwhile, Buitoni also posted the photo below on its U.S. Facebook page with the hashtag #PastaForAll.

Will these small gestures affect your grocery shopping in the future?