FIRST LOOK: Lady Gaga's Costumes for the 'Born This Way Ball'

By: Michael Matson

Though some little monsters are practicing patience as they wait for Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball" to hit their hometown, Giorgio Armani has provided us all a pre-tour present by releasing some sketches of costumes he designed for Mother Monster to wear onstage during the new tour that kicks off in Seoul, Korea on April 27th. And fans who liked Armani's designs for Gaga's "Monster Ball" tare likely to be thrilled with the Italian designer's latest creations.

The most attention-grabbing outfit of the lot is the Cubist guitar/keyboard headpiece made out of transparent Plexiglas, black crystals, and luminous studs (2nd image below), which is paired with thigh-high black vinyl boots. We also like the long, nude latex tunic that features PVC elements, which create flashes of synthetic light inside the garment (left image). Armani added in a press release, "The same avant-garde lighting is featured on the triangle decorating the chest, on the headpiece, and on the platform of the matching latex ankle boots."

The 77-year-old desinger also created "moving architecture" by adding fringe to a PVC bodice with spikes and Swarovski jet crystals paired with a matching headpiece (3rd image below). And the final outfit features what are described as "robotic thigh-high boots" paired with another PVC and metal studded bodice covered with mirrored nails (1st image below), which sounds a bit dangerous to us. But the sharp outfit must serve a purpose in the "Born This Way Ball" storyline, because, as Armani notes, "[Gaga] uses fashion as a scenic element and as a means to build a character."