She-Ra’s Star Sisters Shine (Finally)

By: Jase Peeples

She-Ra has been getting a lot of love in recent months, not only because she’s one of the greatest animated gay icons of all time, but also because Mattel has included the Princess of Power and several of her friends in their popular Masters of the Universe Classics collector’s line. Characters such as Adora (She-Ra’s alter ego) and a cartoon-accurate Catra have already been immortalized in plastic and now Mattel has dipped deep into the well of wonderful women from Etheria to bring us Jewelstar, Starla, and Tallstar—a.k.a. The Star Sisters.

Just who are these dashing divas? No, they’re not the latest contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Star Sisters were characters who joined She-Ra’s great rebellion near the end of the classic cartoon series.

In typical ‘80s fashion, no explanation was given for their appearance on the television show, but their origin was revealed in the Princess of Power magazine.

“Long ago, an evil sorceress, jealous of the Star Sister's power, trapped them in a shooting star, and sent them hurtling through space. They crash-landed into Sky Dancer, and lodged within the mountain. There they remained for many years, until, quite by chance, She-Ra happened to be traveling up Sky Dancer by a different route, due to heavy rains and a mudslide. Swift Wind's hooves accidentally loosened the stone covering the entrance to the Sisters' prison, and She-Ra discovered this strange secret within the mountain. Upon her touch, the crystal enclosing the Star Sisters melted away, and She-Ra met four amazing new friends.”

The Star Sisters would’ve been the final characters in the original Princess of Power toy line had they been produced. However, the line was abruptly cancelled in 1987 and—despite being featured in catalogs (pictured right)—Jewelstar, Starla, and Tallstar never made it to toy shelves.

Now, more than 20 years after their first appearance, these glittery gals will finally be allowed to shine when the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) Star Sisters three-pack lands on in February.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait that long to get a closer look at these lovely ladies because Mattel sent a set of the Sisters to for an exclusive sneak peek.

Here's a breakdown of these ambitious additions to the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

The Packaging
The Star Sisters come in a large window box with the standard artwork that has graced the packaging of all MOTUC products to date. Despite the bright colors and generous use of glitter, the Sisters appear to be right at home between the Masters of the Universe Classics and Princess of Power logos, surrounded by the green bricks of Castle Grayskull.  

Known as the “Bright and Beautiful Leader,” Starla lives up to her shining reputation with this MOTUC incarnation. Beautifully sculpted and painted, the contrast of bright yellows and deep reds make Starla the standout sister here. Details such as powder blue eye shadow that perfectly complements her orange skirt, and the subtle shading throughout the figure’s paint application, bring this sister to life in a way that is both bold and beautiful.  Starla comes with a translucent yellow star staff and her loyal companion Glory Bird.

Nicknamed “Hidden Beauty,” Jewelstar’s unproduced 1987 prototype included a distinctive action feature that would’ve allowed the doll to transform into a jewel. Though Mattel decided not to include the action feature for her MOTUC incarnation, the company still went the extra mile to make Jewelstar feel like a unique figure. Translucent plastic was used on the jewel-shaped armor that frames the soft features of her face and covers her knees, forearms, and upper back. The colors and shading used on Jewelstar’s cape give the illusion of an iridescent sheen and is another detail that makes this sister feel like unique addition to the MOTUC line. Jewelstar includes a pink glitter-infused translucent star staff as well.

Like her sister Jewelstar, Tallstar’s 1987 counterpart would have also included an action feature. Along with her neck, this Star Sister’s legs and arms would have been extendable body parts providing added play value to the “Lovely Lookout.” In order to mimic the classic action feature, Mattel has included arm, leg and neck extensions for the MOTUC version of Tallstar. Extensions simply snap into articulated joints giving the figure an approximate inch of added height. The figure’s detailed sculpt and placement of the extensions make the “stretchable” body parts appear like seamless additions and are a clever way to visually incorporate Tallstar’s stretching powers. While Tallstar’s costume won’t be winning any fashion awards, the figure’s detailed paint application is a thing of beauty from heels to hair. Tallstar also comes with an orange version of the same star staff included with her sisters.

The choice to include obscure characters like the Star Sisters in an action figure line aimed at adult-male collectors might have left some fans scratching their heads. However, the addition of Jewelstar, Starla, and Tallstar shows Mattel’s strong commitment to making Masters of the Universe Classics a toy line that reflects the richness of He-Man and She-Ra’s diverse cast of characters.

The Star Sisters highlight the enormous crossover appeal that the Masters of the Universe franchise has enjoyed for nearly 30 years, and remind us why He-Man and She-Ra are loved by people from all walks of life.

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