Dance Central 2 - the Best Kinect for Xbox 360 Game Yet

By: Bernard Rook

When I watch Dancing With The Stars, I sit on my couch with my big bowl of popcorn critiquing every performance and calling out every misstep – "Pick up your feet, Chaz!" As if I were a world class choreographer, I calmly explain to my boyfriend how each could do just a little better. The truth is I have two left feet, though I have visions of going to the Factory Nightclub in Los Angeles and having the floor clear around me as I dazzle them with fancy feet. Not going to happen.

Or could it?

Dance Central 2 to the rescue. This is the best game yet to come to Kinect for Xbox 360. It truly takes advantage of Kinect’s voice controls. Rather than wading through the menus, you can just say, “Xbox, dance” and get straight into a routine. It can be a little overwhelming at first for the new player, but stick with it. Flashcards show your current and upcoming moves, and stand out well enough that you’re not confused by the incredible background graphics. Make a wrong move, and your limb will turn red, helping you improve your groove. You can even record yourself in Break It Down mode, then play it back to see how you’re doing with learning the moves. And if you need to take a break, you just say, “Xbox, pause” rather than holding out your arm at a weird angle like with other Kinect titles.

This is definitely a must-have party game. You can team up in Perform It mode or go head-to-head in Dance Battle. Players can jump in and out of the action— you know, for when you need to freshen up that cocktail. For you competitive types, there are Leaderboards comparing your scores to others online.

If you don’t want to make an ass out of yourself in front of your friends, you can follow the game story of your crew. There are four crews of two. There’s an all male crew and an all female crew to choose from as well, so you and your boyfriend won’t end up arguing over who gets to be the girl.

The best part of Dance Central 2 is the sound track with more than 40 new dance hits and classics, including Justin Beiber, Mary J. Blige, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. If you like old school you’ve got Donna Summer’s "Hot Stuff," Daft Punk, Darude and Bobby Brown. I could do without Willow Smith’s "Whip My Hair."

Watching my friends play DC2, I still sit back and give them my DWTS treatment— Pick your feet up, Ryan!" This is a fun game and, if nothing else, you’ll be a dance diva even if it’s only in the privacy of your living room.

p.s. If you’re hardcore and want some behind the scenes with the real choreographers, watch this: