GEEK OUT: Wait... There's A Gay Version Of Monopoly?!

By: Daniel Villarreal

Yes, there is an unauthorized gay version of Monopoly called "Gayopoly"—but there's also an authorized version of Monopoly dedicated entirely to the gay WWII hero Alan Turing.

Turing, of course, is the British "father of computer science" who broke the Nazi code thus helping the Allies win WWII. And the special edition of Turing Monopoly will feature a board design hand-drawn over 60 years ago by the son of Turing's mentor, never-before-seen pics of Turing and 30s-era huts and blocks in place of Monopoly's usual houses and hotels.

Of course, Turing met an unfortunate end by committing suicide after the British government chemically castrated him for the "crime" of being gay. In 2009, the British government apologized for persecuting Turing.

And while it's unclear whether the game will cover this depressing fact, we're more curious what the player pieces will be—perhaps an old-timey "difference engine" (ie. computer), a chess piece nodding towards Turin's work in artificial intelligence or a bust of the man himself?

Of course, if you wanna play the unauthorized version of Gayopoly, you get to choose from player pieces like a jeep, a teddy bear, a blow dryer, a leather cap, handcuffs or a stiletto heel—oh dear.