Nintendo Plans to Change the Way You Watch TV

By: Jase Peeples

While Nintendo’s Wii took off faster than either Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Sony’s PS3, the game system’s lack of HD and meager storage options left the home of the Mario Bros. in the cold when it came to 1uping its competitors in the multimedia market.

However, the company plans to change all that with their new console Wii U and the sweet addition of Nintendo TVii.

Newsarama dished on the deets (that’s how cool people say details) of this amazing product.

When you pull up the TVii main menu, your WiiU gamepad instantly becomes the ultimate universal remote control. However, instead of unifying multiple hardware components, this is unifying all of your content delivery systems. The Search tab tells the story of the device pretty well. By searching for an individual tv show or movie, the example used in both demos was Modern Family, your WiiU will search all the services and devices you have registered. The search showed possibilities for watching on Hulu+, Amazon, Netflix, Live TV (if it happens to be airing at the time), and perhaps the coup de gras, your DVR. While TiVo brand DVRs were specifically shown for the demo, a spokesperson for Nintendo said that they are working on contracts with "Comcast, Fios, Time Warner, all the major providers," and that the software will eventually work with virtually all DVRs.

Could Nintendo TVii make us believe in the company’s classic “now you’re playing with power” tagline once again? If the below trailer is any indication, we certainly think so.

Check out the goods and find out for yourself, but we know exactly what we’re asking Santa for this Christmas.

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