Week in Geek: Games, Guys, and Gadgets

By: Jase Peeples

More iPad Mini rumors, Resident Evil returns, and a fan-favorite Decepticon is a masterpiece.


These are the nerdy bits that had us geeking out this week.



Behold! The iPad Mini
Gizmodo has shared (alleged) leaked photos of Apple’s long-rumored iPad Mini. If these photos are the real deal, we could be hearing an official announcement in the next few weeks. Sporting an anodized aluminum back panel (like the iPhone 5) the 7.85-inch iPad Mini looks like a sexy serving of tech and will surely be the must have geek gadget of the season.


Resident Evil 6 is finally here!
The next installment in the popular video game franchise dropped earlier this week. (Check out IGN’s review below.) It may not be perfect, but it’s still one hell of a fun ride. Plus any game that features hotties like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield (who made our list of Guys Gaymers Love) is worth playing.


Arrow Featurette
If the gorgeous Stephen Amell (and his super-heroic body) hasn’t convinced you to check out the debut of Arrow next week (October 10) on the CW, this action-heavy ‘First Look Featurette’ may change your mind.


Masterpiece Soundwave Rocks!
If you can’t get enough of those original robots in disguise, Japanese toy company Takara’s Masterpiece Soundwave is a collectable you can’t afford to miss. This oversized incarnation of the Decepticon communication specialist is everything you wish your original toy was back in 1984 and so much more. MP Soundwave is fully transformable, features a more accurate animation look than any previous release, and comes with winged pal Lazerbeak with the rest of his cassette clan available separately. You can preorder your very own at Big Bad Toy Store.

Obama: Man of Action
He may have gotten mixed reviews on his performance in this week’s debate, but President Obama is one of the few people on the planet who still looks like a badass as a lion-riding archer of the Jedi Order.

Can you find all the nerdy nods in this awesome fan art?