Week In Geek: 'Star Wars' Ep 7 Details, PS4 Rumors, and More

By: Jase Peeples


These are the nerdy bits of news that had us geeking out this week.





Star Wars Episode XII Details
Unless you’ve been living under an asteroid, chances are you’ve already heard all about Disney’s purchase of Lucasflim. In gayspeak, this means Leia is now a royal member of the mouse house (Disney princess in spaaaaaace!) and new hot Jedi Knights could be headed our way. (Check out our list of sexy Star Wars studs here.)

However, the biggest news to follow this announcement was the promise of new trilogy of films from a galaxy far, far away – with the first movie arriving in theatres as soon as 2015. Though very little is known about Star Wars Episode XII at this time, George Lucas and newly-appointed Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy did dish a few details on the upcoming project. Hear what they had to say about the move to Disney and upcoming projects in the video below.


PS4 Rumors
More Playstation 4 rumors have been speeding through cyberspace this week as new dev kits were (allegedly) distributed to developers. Get the latest deets about Sony’s future game/entertainment console here.


Comic-Con International Staying in San Diego!
Rumors have been flying for several years now that the biggest geek-gathering in the world could be changing locations soon. However, Variety reports that San Diego has won the battle to keep the convention in the So. Cal. city for yet another year (until 2016) with a $500 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center.

Could this mean Comic-Con attendance will be allowed to expand beyond its current 130,000 cap? Fingers crossed!


Transposes Is Transtastic
Transposes, the new graphic novel from Writer/Artist Dylan Edwards, is a clever, creative, and absolutely hilarious collection of six true stories of transgender men – who also happen to be queer.

These tales are as informative as they are entertaining and challenge the reader to separate gender from sexuality while taking an honest look at what makes a man a man.

Grab a copy of your very own at Northwestpress.com.

(Available in both print and digital editions.)


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