New Game Recreates Horniness, Horrors of Gay Dating

By: Daniel Villarreal

Romance is a game — there are players, risks, moves, stages, bonus rounds, lost lives, winners and losers.

But while playing around with men's hearts in real life could lose you both money and face, playing around with men's hearts in Coming Out on Top — a gay dating game currently in development on Kickstarter — will only gain you some fun and excitement.

In the game, you play a college student who has just come out to his best friends. Afterwards, you get to start dating around campus. The creator describes it as a "choose your own adventure" or a dating simulator. Now, instead of spending actual money to hit on a hot blonde at a bar, you can just try your luck with the guy you meet in the game.

The game features racial diversity (a black Marine, an Asian rocker, a furry closeted quarterback), the ability to cheat on your partners and, even better, actual sex scenes.

And because the Kickstarter has been going so well, the game developer promises that users will even be able to control the amount of body hair you want on your guys and to decide whether you want to top or bottom for them — hot damn!

The developer is actually a straight woman who began developing the game for other women. But after deciding that there was "no market for it," she changed it around and re-tooled it for gay guys. Considering that she's already doubled her initial goal of raising $5,000 for game development, we'd say there's definitely a market.

Check out the promo video below to get a taste of the fun. You can download a playable demo of the game here and then visit the Kickstarter if you wanna pitch in a few bucks to help make it even better.

Plus, if you give enough, you can even end up as a character in the game that you can sleep with. Wow! That might be a lot of pressure, but it also might be a lot of fun...

...just like actual dating.

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