Week in Geek: Mark Wahlberg Talks 'Transformers', Playstation 4 Update, and More

By: Jase Peeples

Mark Wahlberg Says Transformers 4 Will be a Reboot?

Mark Wahlberg appeared on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show this week and while he was chatting with the talk show host about his role in Michael Bay’s upcoming Transformers 4, the hunky star dropped a bomb that left fans of the film franchise scratching their heads. “We’re doing a complete reboot of the Transformers,” Wahlberg told Leno. His reveal contradicts Bay’s own announcement that the film would not be a reboot, but simply the beginning of a new trilogy set several years after the last film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Given the fact that none of the original cast will appear in the new film and several of the famous robots in disguise have been traded in for newer models, (according to Bay), perhaps a complete break from the previous trilogy would be best to move the franchise forward. Of course, having Mark Wahlberg lose his pants in at least one scene wouldn’t be a bad idea either.