Week in Geek: Mark Wahlberg Talks 'Transformers', Playstation 4 Update, and More

By: Jase Peeples

Gremlins Reborn

It looks like the Transformers aren’t the only property from the 80s that may get a fresh theatrical start. Rumor has it, Warner Bros. Pictures is negotiating a deal with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment to reboot the 1984 horror comedy classic Gremlins.

According to Vulture, “…negotiations of this sort have happened several times over the years, but making Spielberg’s deal always proved too daunting a financial prospect and his involvement might simply be a requirement for making the film at all, so don’t hold your breath. Having said all of that, our sources tell us that it might just actually come off this time.”

This news comes only a few months after Gremlins and Gremlins 2 director Joe Dante told Bloody Disgusting the franchise was headed for a reboot. “[Gremlins is] a title in [Warner’s] library that sooner or later will be re-exploited. You can’t obviously do a sequel to the second picture because the cast is too old and I don’t know that that’s the way they’re thinking. I think they’d probably reboot the whole thing and start all over or go in a different direction -- take the Gremlins someplace else."  

Seeing Gizmo and the gang on the big screen once again would be a fun nostalgic fling, but Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record with resurrecting pop culture classics such as this. Remember the recent Nightmare on Elm Street reboot? *Shudder*