Week in Geek: Judge Dredd Comes Out as Gay, Superman’s Jimmy Olson Gets a Sex Change, and More

By: Jase Peeples

Judge Dredd is gay?

Judge Dredd “might be” the latest superhero to kick down the closet door according to The Sun. A preview from next week’s 2000 AD shows the kickass lawman locking lips with a young man in a gay club. For some reason, many fans are throwing a hissy over the possibility that a beefy superhero with a thing for chains and leather might be a homosexual. (The mind boggles.) However, leather daddy lovers shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet. The comic’s creators have said readers should expect a twist in the story, titled “Closet”, and things may not be what they seem. I’m putting my money on the kiss being a fantasy of the young man in the story and nothing more, but with that costume there isn’t a gay comic fan out there who wouldn't pick Dredd off the homo tree in a second.

Check out the controversial preview below.