10 Sluttiest Cities in The USA

By: Brody Scott

You won’t believe which American city has the most singles online looking for casual sex!

If you’re single, horny, and thinking about moving (or just a fun visit), you might want to consider Pittsburgh, Seattle, or Portland—and not because of American history, great coffee or indie music. According to a popular free online dating site open to straight, gay, and bi users, those are the top cities in the U.S. where people are seeking casual sex.

Surprisingly absent in the top ten are sin cities Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles.

TheStir.com reports the site “awarded the cities by the percentage of users who list 'Casual Sex' as one of the relationship types they seek (and then correlated that back to where said naughty user is from).”

And Portland, Oregon came out on top (pardon the pun).

Who's on the complete top ten list?

10. Houston, Texas

9. San Diego, California

8. Denver, Colorado

7. San Bernardino, California

6. Dallas, Texas

5. San Francisco, California

4. Miami, Florida

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2. Seattle, Washington

1. Portland, Oregon

Evidently the singles in these cities are eager to help a guy in need, but do you agree? After all, San Bernadino is on the list. REALLY? Has anyone outside of California even heard of San Bernadino?

To avoid messy arguments about whose city is the sluttiest (because everyone on Gay.net apparently wants that honor), let's vote on the ones listed above. Think about your own sexual history in these places (or ask a crazy friend for his randy opinion) and select the spot you think wins.