Incredible "Fuerza Bruta" Interview and Ticket Deal

By: Joe Thompson

Fuerza Bruta is unlike anything you've seen in your life. It's from the creators of the long-running New York hit, De La Guarda, and it's not a traditional show where you experience a theatrical performance; instead, it is a theatrical experience.

It begins with visitors entering the dark space. Then, without warning, an incredible combination of music, dynamic lighting, dance, acrobatics, aerial performances and swimmers—yes, swimmers— surround the audience. The viewer is quickly immersed in the action, becoming part of the dreamlike environments. Indeed, if I was still in my college Mythological Studies class, I would say it's like metaphorically experiencing the hero's decent into the underworld and subsequent resurrection.

But I'm not. So instead I'll turn you toward this interview from Just Josh, the here! Network TV talk show. It really helps you understand what Fuerza Bruta is all about.

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Check it out.

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