Folsom Street Fair Video — 2011 (un) Coverage

By: Joe Thompson

Folsom Street Fair is one of the biggest leather events on the west coast. It happens on the streets of San Francisco, and it's crazy. Part fetish festival, part open-air Pride party, and part that's just plain random, it's an event that must be seen to be believed. No, it's not all about leather, latex and sex (though those elements are certainly a part of it), but Folsom is much more. It's also about community and embracing the wild child within.

But all of that is just words. Seeing is understanding, so we were thrilled to find out Gay Club TV was in the city during the 2011 event and they put together this video. It's fifeen minutes, but they got it up as quickly as possible so you could enjoy the magic sooner rather than later.

The video features Carlos Castro and Herbert Calderon venturing into Folsom for a fun-filled time. From house parties to sexy boy Twister games, it's quite diverse (and though it's safe for work it's still a bit naughty; you've been warned).

Will our boys get out unharmed?

Beats me...

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