's Maui Escape Begins

By: Rick Andreoli

Hey Guys,

That's me on the left, Rick Andreoli, the Editor in Chief. On the right is my husband Steve. If you've been following my Twitter account, you'll know we're headed to Maui for a week. Civil unions will be available in Hawaii starting January 1, 2012, so we were asked to write about romantic getaways on the island. From kayaking adventures to spa treatments, exploring local cuisine and driving the amazing Road to Hana, we'll be chronicling all the fun, exciting and amazing ways you and your boyfriend / partner / husband / best friend / best girlfriend / whatever can enjoy Maui.

Steve and I will be delivering:

•Slideshows and journals on
•Regular updates via and my Twitter feeds
•A wrap-up following the trip so you'll have all the important info in one easy-to-find spot

As I write this, Steve and I are sitting on our Hawaiian Airlines plane waiting for everyone to board. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get something written for the site, huh?) I travel a lot, and what's amazing to me is how different this airline feels. Hawaiian music is being played over the inflight sound system and the crew is the most chill group I've ever met. It's like they're prepping us for the relaxation that's waiting on the other end of the flight.

Random bit of news I just found out: Hawaiian Airlines was the nation’s most reliable airline in July, ranking #1 in on-time performance and fewest cancellations, and second overall in fewest misplaced bags and fewest consumer complaints. That info came from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Hawaiian is also the largest provider of air service to Hawaii from the Western U.S., and they have co-share deals with American Airlines, American Eagle, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Korean Airlines, and Island Air. Can you say "frequent flyer miles"?

Okay, Steve's giving me the eye to put away the laptop. More to come once we land...


Twitter: @HawaiianAir

(That' photo is totally going to be us in a couple hours...)

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