Get Discount Wi-Fi on Your Next Flight

By: Rick Andreoli

We love having WiFi access when traveling on long flights. Not only can we file stories while on the plane, but we can also keep up on emails, research the fun things we're going to do once we arrive at our destination, and send friends IMs along the way that say things like, "Hey Girl, I'm IMing you from a plane!"

So we were really excited when we stumbled across this juicy and informative story on Author Adam Dachis explains that his favorite trick for scoring discount Wi-Fi involves pretending your laptop is a smartphone. He writes: "Most web browsers let you set your browser agent, allowing you to let Firefox masquerade as Safari, Internet Explorer, or a mobile phone browser. This is offered for developer testing purposes, but if you simply set your browsing agent to identify as an Android or iPhone you'll automatically get a lower price on your Wi-Fi for that particular flight. Once you've bought your pass, just switch the browsing agent back to normal and you'll be online, free and clear, for less money."

While we're pretty tech-savvy this sounded a little confusing. Fortunately, Dachis included a link to this video:

Other tips for getting discounted or free Wi-Fi:
•On coupon sites like
•Looking for rental car and other travel packages that offer free airplane Wi-Fi as an incentive
•Sharing a monthly pass with friends or co-workers (just don't use it at the same time)
•If you always fly the same airline, check for an airline-specific discount. "Delta, for example, offers monthly plans for $5 less than the standard any-airline option if you stick with them," the article notes.

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