Super, Silly Fan Costume Photos from WonderCon 2012

By: Joe Thompson

This past weekend was WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA and all the fanboys and girls showed up for the fun. There was tons of mainstream movie, TV and comics coverage as well as plenty of LGBT programming. Prism Comics, the nonprofit organization supporting LGBT comics, creators and readers, was on hand with fun "Homo - Superior" mugs, nodding to the gay metaphor in X-Men comics and movies. Along with their booth being a meeting spot for gay attendees, Prism also offered multiple opportunities for fans to meet their favorite LGBT creators with in-person signings. Specially focused panels on the gay appeal of Disney, as well as pushing the boundaries of LGBT characters in mainstream comics, were also featured in WonderCon's programming.

Fun stuff, but another favorite part of pop-culture conventions is seeing all the fans who dress up for the event. Some cute, some questionable, they're all 100% entertaining. photographer Mari Provencher was on hand and she took some fantastic shots focusing on the fans. Check them out.

Tags: GAY & AWAY