Which Queer Wore Their Sexy Gravy Best?

By: Brandon Voss

Montréal Pride and Tourisme Montréal have really been putting the finalists through it for this year’s third annual Queer of the Year contest, for which queer guys and gals from around the world compete for bragging rights, a free return trip to Montreal, and $5,000.

For your sick and twisted amusement — and because how else would you know who’s worthiest of the title? — the five finalists were repeatedly drenched in poutine gravy for a grossly titillating photo shoot and behind-the-scenes video. Poutine, of course, with its gravy- and curd-smothered fries, is Montreal’s official snack food.

Here’s the skinny on the five finalists getting gravied: Caleb Judy, a sign language interpreter from Connecticut; Topher McFarlane, a comic and drag show organizer from Ontario; Ivette Gonzalez-Ale, a Cuban-Mexican genderqueer fashion creative director from Brooklyn; Shane Jenek, a yoga enthusiast and gender illusionist from Sydney; and Peter Picciano, a muscle boy from Palm Beach. You may also recognize the contest’s hostess as Mikala Bierma of Disappointing Gay Best Friend Internet fame.

Voting ends Aug. 28. But if you miss the deadline, just enjoy the video and check the Queer of the Year Facebook page soon for the official contest results.

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