10 Lessons From a Gay Cruise Virgin

By: Cyd Zeigler

6. Don’t Shy Away From The Fine Dining
Eat. For all that is good and holy, eat! We went to just about every dance party, and we may have had our shirts off approximately 92% of the time, but we ate; With all that dancing, we needed the energy.

The food in the main dining rooms was a big disappointment, but we found the lamb and saltimbocca at one of the ship’s fine-dining restaurants (Portofino) early on. Plus, after dancing for four hours, a couple slices of pepperoni pizza hit the spot. And I dare say, the vast majority of it didn’t show up until just as we were stepping off the ship back in Ft. Lauderdale.


7. Ports Of Call Were A Nice Change of Pace
For me the highlights of leaving the ship were sinking into the local culture of the islands. We talked with locals in St. Maarten (which left a lot to be desired) and tracked down a local dive restaurant in St. Kitts (which was beautiful). We experienced some good snorkeling, following an octopus in St. Kitts and some adorable box fish in Labadee. We didn’t partake in any of the ship’s excursion packages – and we had a great time.

8. Corners of Peace and Quiet Abound
Despite our fears, we found plenty of peace and quiet on the ship when we needed a physical or mental break from the noise. The lounges were generally void of pounding dance music, sounds at the back of the upper deck were simply from the waves crashing below, and the early morning (when we were up for it) featured tranquil sunrises and sedate partiers stumbling to someone else’s cabin. Plus, the staterooms were relatively quiet; Heck, we were woken up more by announcements from the ship’s captain and cruise director Zack than anything happening next door!