Superman is More Popular Than Jesus

By: Jase Peeples

Newsarama reports that three of the five most popular iPad book apps last week were comic book apps.

The ComiXology’s Comics app landed in the #2 spot, just behind Al Gore’s Our Choice app, while industry big guns Marvel and DC came in at #3 and # 4 with their apps on the sales chart. The Bible app fell to the #5 position, meaning that superheroes are more popular than God—at least for this week.

The report is no doubt welcome news for comic publishers who took the risk of embracing same-day digital distribution after years of declining print sales—a move that kicked off last week when DC Comics debuted Justice League #1.

So far there’s been no news on whether or not the Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest, but as Newsarama’s Graeme McMillian points out, “Comics publishers can always feel good about the idea that someone will have to buy their comics in order to burn them.”

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