Top 5 Gay(ish) Cars Of The LA Auto Show

By: Scott Ragan

The annual LA Auto Show hasn't looked this queer in years, with a ton of new 2012 models clamoring for our attention.

Upon touring the entire event this past weekend, it was undeniable that these five cars caused the most gay commotion on the vast showroom floor.

Take a spin and judge for yourself.


5. Gym Bunnee: 2012 VW Beetle

Look who's been hitting the gym all summer, and it's really showing! Volkswagen has thoughtfully bulked up the Beetle with a lower, wider and more aggressive stance.

The "New Beetle" had won rave reviews from gays when it was first introduced in 1998. But that was sooo thirteen years ago, and Beetles have been off the gay car radar for quite a while, replaced by the Golf and GTI.

It remains to be seen if the 2012 Beetle will regain some of the old gay affinity, but it very well could with this sexed-up Beetle Black Turbo Edition for $25,720.

4. Style And $ubstance: 2012 Range Rover Evoque

Sure, for $65,000 any pumped up douche bag wanting to show off can drive a garish and impractical Range Rover. But wait... what do we have here? A rather shaved, trimmed and tweezed looking version called the Evoque.

It's slightly cheaper and somewhat prissy, with a lower roofline that tapers downward toward the rear of the vehicle, and a dainty front end with compressed grill and headlights.

Base price is $43,995 and has fairly good EPA fuel economy of 18 mpg city/28 mpg highway.


Bubble Butt: 2012 MINI Coupe

We could show you the front of this concept car, but it would look exactly like the familiar MINI Cooper us gays have loved for years. It's the party in the rear that draws your attention.

This new two-seater has a sculpted out ceiling that pushes down just behind the seats, accentuating its bulbous buttocks.

For the urban gay, the MINI Coupe is sure to deliver more fun and novelty than any other car in the super-compact sports category.


2. Movin' On Up: 2012 Audi A5

A steel hunk of ambition, the new A5 looks like it was custom made for the modern professional who's clawing his way to the top. And it's the one car on this list your parents would approve of you driving, not to mention how your date's eyes light up when you arrive to pick him up in such a refined vehicle.

In typical Audi fashion, the A5 comes in a wide variety of options, ranging from $34,000 to $45,000 MSRP.



1. Label Whore: 2012 Fiat 500 By Gucci

Hands down the gayest car to grace an industry car show in over ten years! Some might say it's tacky and trying too hard, but upon closer look the special features are placed well and look great.

You can choose either satin black or satin pearl with classy green and red Gucci stripes running down the side. The Gucci signature "double G" logo is found on the door pillars, the rear hatch, and probably the best feature on the entire car - the Gucci stripe seat belts!

The 2012 Fiat 500 By Gucci will officially go on sale April 1 and starts around $24,000. A small price to pay for such mondo homo style!

And if you need further convincing of just how gay this car really is, watch the video below... because "elegance is hard work".






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