WATCH: Not Another Gay Marriage Proposal

By: Brandon Voss

Sometimes a marriage proposal requires no words at all. Other times it demands an elaborate ruse, a Bruno Mars song, and more than 100 little helpers in a very public setting.

Last week Google employee Shaun Aukland invited his boyfriend Michael to an office lunch and surprised him with a thrilling proposal orchestrated with the help of his coworkers. Hey, gay guys can use the go-to engagement anthem "Marry You" too, you know.

What makes this proposal particularly sweet is the fact that Shaun and Michael are a binational couple who have survived a long-distance relationship for the past two years; Shaun hasn't been able to sponsor Londoner Michael for citizenship in the U.S. because of the Defense of Marriage Act.

But it looks like these two crazy kids are going to make it work against all odds. By the time Shaun gets down on one knee, you might find yourself a little misty.

Check out the clip below.