What's the Perfect Car for a Gay Wedding?

By: Brandon Voss

Because every publication has to cover last week's historic SCOTUS rulings in their own way, Car and Driver has provided a definitive list of the 10 best cars in which to get gay-married.

And who better to steer you safely toward your gay wedding than "Car Gay" Brett Berk, writer of Vanity Fair's "Stick Shift" column?

Ah, but which gay-friendly car to choose... Perhaps the Jaguar XJ Ultimate, which boasts a champagne cooler roomy enough for two bottles. Maybe the leathery Honda Element, which can be easily hosed out? We’re a little sweet on the Studebaker Avanti, which “was resolutely rejected by the majority but continued to live its life proudly for decades and is now accepted as a revolutionary and inspiring presence. Sound familiar?”

See the full list of suggestions here. What's your gay wedding dream ride?