Should Unsupportive Family Get Invited to Gay Weddings?

By: Brandon Voss

In her latest advice column, "Dear Abby" responds to "Newly Equal in Minnesota," a gay person planning to marry his or her partner. The problem? "Newly Equal" doesn't know if their parents and families, who've been silent on the state's new marriage laws, should be invited to the ceremony.

The columnist is all about inclusion. "Invite your family to the wedding," she writes. "Because they love you and have accepted your partner, they may wish to attend. Remember, the concept of marriage equality is a very new one and not everyone adapts quickly to change. Regardless of whether they have a problem calling you married, the fact is you will be married according to the laws of your state. And that's what is important."

Like her mother and "Dear Abby" predecessor Pauline Friedman Phillips, who died earlier this year, Jeanne Phillips, the woman behind the column, has been an outspoken supporter of gay rights and marriage equality.