Miss Manners Doesn't Want Trouble, Calls Married Gay Men 'Husbands'

By: Brandon Voss

Let Miss Manners set you straight.

Not long after Dear Abby discussed whether or not unsupportive family members should be invited to a same-sex wedding, Miss Manners, otherwise known as Judith Martin, responds to a rather silly question from a reader unsure how to introduce married gay couples: "Is a gentleman’s spouse his 'wife' regardless of the spouse’s gender, and a lady’s spouse likewise her 'husband?'"

"A married male is a husband and a married female is a wife, just as two male parents are both fathers and two female parents both mothers," the respected advice columnist states. "Please don’t make trouble. Miss Manners is still weary from the emotion-laden battles over designations for couples who are not married... At any rate, it is now generally understood: 'partners,' unmarried; 'husband' and 'wife,' married. Using any other terms for legally married same-sex couples would appear to cast doubt on their status and throw them back into the partner category."

Got it? Good.

Are you in agreement with Miss Manners?

Photo: Johnny Chaillot and Greg Louganis
 by Myles David Jewell / Courtesy of LouganisDoc.com