Pride Guide

Pride Tips: Texting Shortcuts

By: Editors

Gay Pride requires some special text messages. Why?

•You're surrounded by revelers and can't hear to make a call. Texting is a must.

•There are tons of amazing photo ops and the only way to let friends see them is through a message.

•You need to communicate with friends but don't want to miss seeing hunky men. Or get run over by the parade. Or both.

Here are some new abbreviations that will let you communicate quickly, be understood, and let you get right back to the party.

SOS: Your simple safe word to let friends know to call you ASAP.

DoD: Dude on Deck. As in, you or your friend just might want this hunk nearby. It's helpful to include a picture with this text.

ISH: You're on the fence about a new admirer, whether it's yours or your friends. Remember, friends don't let friends tap ugly.

DND: Do Not Disturb. In case you’re sharing a hotel room, car, etc.

ToT?: Trick or Treat. Short for "Do you want to hook up and then grab food?"

DYT: Do Your Thing. Used when a friend is blowing you off because he found love.

B: I’m Busy. 

RtR: Ready to Roll. Use a period if you're telling him (RtR.) or a question mark if you're asking (RtR?).

EAT: I’m Hungry.

ToY: Thinking of You. We become sentimental at Pride. And while drinking. But long messages can cause problems. This is what you send for a quick bit of love to friends.

coco: Cuddles and Hugs. Used when you're trying to type XOXO and either have fat fingers or you're too tipsy to tell the difference.

DAD: I’ve found a rich daddy and he’s buying me a drink so get over here instantly and maybe he’ll buy one for you too, and don’t you dare ruin this and tell him I have a thing for older men with money because I swear to the Lord above that I will cut you! Please.

Remember, kids... It's not the size of your text that counts, it's how you use it!