Playgirl's Hunkercise - Best Sex Video EVER!

By: Joe Thompson

Hunkercise with Steve Rally is insane. And sexy. And we love it.

It's an "exercise" video featuring a bunch of Playgirl hunks in skimpy Dolphin shorts, tanks, headbands, thick socks and high-top shoes, with random big-haired women in "Let's Get Physical" style outfits, with an amazing soundtrack, bending and stretching and shoving their muscles in each others faces.

Is this for gay men? For women?

It's totally tough to tell, but it's hilarious. And (as much as we hate to admit this) very sexy.

It stars Playgirl's Man of the Year Steve Rally, Playgirl's Man for August John Johnson, Playgirl's Man from Australia Phil Harte, and Playgirl's Man for February Mike O'Grady. Watch closely, and if you're lucky one of these guys will give you a sweet wink.