This Is Why Everyone Wants To See Paul Ryan Shirtless

By: Daniel Villarreal

Moments after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney unveiled his running mate, Google users began searching frantically for pictures of Paul Ryan shirtless.

No really. It was the second most searched for term right after "Paul Ryan Vice President." Apparently more people care about his pecs and abs than they do about the fact that he's hideously anti-gay and anti-women.

Well stop looking, ya pervs. This picture of him flexing his right to bare arms next to P90X creator Tony Horton above is the closest you're gonna get to seeing him shirtless ever... unless he goes to the beach or has secret Anthony Weiner-style sexts that are about to hit the fan.

But why does everyone wanna see the chest of a 42-year-old man once dubbed one of the 50 most beautiful people living on Capitol Hill? It might have something to do with his fitness routine, known as P90X.

You see, P90X (aka) Power 90 Extreme) is a 2003 exercise program designed for people who already have a good level of fitness. It uses card, yoga, karate, and plyometrics (fast powerful movements) to create "muscle confusion"—that is, a quick use of a bunch of different muscle groups to help keep muscles growing rather than falling into a predictable routine.

It also tells folks to keep a diet of high protein and low carbohydrates, with an increase in energy-providing carbs as the fitness program grows more intense, which is generally good nutritional advice for those seeking to start losing some weight.

The last time he spoke about his fitness program in 2010 (below), Ryan was 6'2" and 163 pounds—not bad for a former fitness trainer! Despite his hateful and bad policies, the fella still looks pretty good. Now only if he'd start wearing tailored suits instead of ones that swallow him whole.