How Sleeping, Talking And Drinking Milk Make You Slimmer

By: Daniel Villarreal

Our friends at ASAP Science already helped explain how junk food tricks your body into overeating.

But now they're back with a slew of scientific dieting tips that will delight and amaze you. Here's just a small sampling:

- People who exercise burn more calories when they're walking, talking and even sleeping.

- Counting calories allows people to consume more food while gaining less weight—thank goodness there's an easy-to-use smartphone app that makes counting calories easy.

- Adding just 10 percent more protein to your diet will help suppress hunger. And adding low-fat dairy to your diet will help you secrete fat without absorbing it (gross, yes, but still good to know)

Plus there's helpful tips about soup, coffee and why you might wanna start using smaller dinner plates.

Oh, science. If you were a person we'd give you a huge hug and share a low-fat dairy milkshake with you!