POLL: Do You 'Go Commando' When You Work Out?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Our readers vote on the most important thing that every gay person should do here.

When we heard that the male actors in Downton Abbey weren't allowed to wear undies in a recently filmed cricket match (did cricket players not wear knickers in the 1920s?), we checked in with Details magazine to get their thoughts.

Turns out, Details suggests that gym rats go commando as well just to avoid profuse sweating around your crotch; though we've always seen a sweaty crotch less like a problem and more as an opportunity.

But what about you? Do you prefer to "go commando" at the gym—leaving your bits to sway in the wind Downton Abbey-style—or do you prefer to have your bits "protected" by workout underwear?

Pick your preference in the poll below and tell us your reasons in the comments. The topic honestly makes us sweat a little... and we haven't even started working out yet.