How To Fit A 5-Minute Workout Into Any Busy Day

By: Daniel Villarreal

Got five minutes? Then you've got just enough time to give any muscle group a full workout.

Whether you want big biceps, perfect pecs, awesome abs or are just yearning some yoga, getting a quick workout in has never been simpler.

It's easy, just download any of the free "Daily Workout" apps onto your smartphone or e-reader, select your workout and time limit (five, seven and a half or ten minutes) and follow the video demonstrations through 10 different exercises that'll get your muscles tight and toned.

Plus, each exercise comes with additional instructions to help improve your form. You can also play your own music, start from any exercise you wish and--if you pay for the full version--you can mix and customize your routines.

It's not a personal trainer, but it's a heck of a lot less expensive and time consuming. Plus, it's surprisingly effective, even if only five minutes at a time.