Skydiving — The Next Gay Fitness Trend?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Just because an LGBT skydiving group called the Rainbow skydivers created the largest gay formation skydive ever (video below) doesn't mean the sport is about to become the next gay fitness trend.

While skydiving is mind-blowingly awesome, it also tends to be costly when you factor in training, jumpsuit and private plane. Skydiving also only burns between 230 and 144 calories per hour--pretty minimal when you consider that the average skydive lasts about six minutes (that's a scorching 14 to 23 calories burned).

However as far as mental health benefits go, the adrenaline rush, the conquest of life over death and the beautiful view of the earth rushing towards you have all be said to provide a mental and spiritual cleansing.

And if the prospect of jumping out of a plane freaks you out, know this: you have a greater chance of dying in a car than you do of dying while skydiving--how's that for healthy living?