Cute Otter With Meh Hair Explains Why Gays Are So Judgmental

By: Daniel Villarreal

Matthew J. Dempsey is a hot psychotherapist who would like to discuss why gay men can be so superficial and judgemental. Yes, please tell us... with your walnut brown eyes, sexy beard and smoky voice.

He explains that when you judge fellow gays, you not only reinforce negative stereotypes about catty gay men, but you also inflict the pain and discrimination that you've felt as a gay man onto another person, most likely because you see something in them that you dislike about yourself.

Gay men should recognize what triggers them to be bitchy, Dempsey says (more or less), and then instead behave in a more understanding and compassionate way. Doing so will teach us to be easier, kindler, gentler to ourselves and ultimately heal our pissy natures.

Yes. Kind. Gentle. Easy. Show us how, Mr. Dempsey. We'll do whatever you say. Just don't stop making videos. You could become the gay Oprah.