'Drag Race' Pit Crew Stud Causes Stink At L.A. Gym

By: Daniel Villarreal

Fans of Ru Paul's Drag Race can always look forward to seeing the jaunty basket of scruffy pit crew member Shawn Morales as he walks around in low-rise briefs and helps drag queens complete in mini-challenges involving sequined fruit and bull testicles.

But while Morales makes good eye-candy, he may look better than he smells, at least that is, if you believe his recent tweets about a Los Angeles gym revoking his membership over B.O..

The model recently tweeted, "2day I was told by an employee at @GoldsGym that they are going to REVOKE my membership because '10 members have complained about my B.O?.'" And later followed up by saying, "of course I can smell my self but obviously it doesn't bother me or my friends. Re: deodorant. I just don't like wearing it." ABC News called Gold's Gym for a response, but alas, no reply (they were probably busy smelling all of their members' armpits). However, the Gold's Gym code of conduct online does say that "Good personal hygiene is a must," It could be that when he's working out Morales reeks like a clay curry pot left out in a damp onion field. But some people would kill to take a whiff of his pits... the good people of Gold's Gym just don't know a good thing when they smell it. Yeah, no, but seriously... this is an L.A. gym, not an Occupy Wall Street protest. Put on some deo for your B.O.. And remember to wipe off the equipment afterwards. Yeah, okay, thanks. Enjoy your workout.