How One Bodybuilder Blackmailed His Way To Fitness

By: Daniel Villarreal

Nutritional bodybuilding supplements like protein powders can sure get pricey, especially if you're working to get a ripped physique like former National Junior bodybuilding champion 23-year-old Australian Shawn Rye (pictured).

Rye spent up to $300 a week on products like "Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein" just to keep his quads and delts awash in nutritious shakes.

And when his powder habit eventually landed the unemployed bodybuilder $20,000 in debt, he did what any level-headed young man would do—he got a day job and blackmailed men on the internet!

Posing as “a young and sexually available woman," Rye allegedly guys with a pre-recorded video of a sexy girl and told them that if they'd strip and (ahem) "pump their iron," she'd get naked for them in return.

He'd then record the men fondling their bits and then play the video back to them. If they did not pay up, he would send the videos to some of the men's Facebook friends and family or post them on gay video sites. Rye even named specific Facebook friends and family members just to really screw with 'em.

Rye hit the men up for $100 and $500 amounts here and there and made anywhere from $7,800 to $12,000 from various victims in Australia, Britain, Canada and the U.S..

However, the meathead had the men wire the money to him using his real name—a real rookie mistake (the first rule of webcamming is you never use your real name!

Rye pled guilty to 47 counts of blackmail and is awaiting sentencing. His defense lawyer said that Rye was “only asking for relatively conservative amounts” and “could have asked for more," adding, “He knew it was wrong. It wasn’t intended to hurt anyone." Rye never uploaded or sent the videos to anyone.

But if a handsome young man ever asks you to get naked on webcam, you might wanna use a fake name and put on a luchador mask or something to cover your face, lest you end up put on a show for your friends and family!