'Superbetter' Turns Your Health Goals Into An Epic Game

By: Daniel Villarreal

People say, "Life is a game." But if that were true, reaching our goals would be fun, with power-ups, bonus levels and bad guys to beat.

Well, if to-do lists and workout apps haven't motivated you to improve your life, maybe you need to turn all that hard work into a game—Superbetter is that game.

You start by logging in and identifying your or "epic win" (that is, the goal you're after). Though the default epic wins involve overcoming an injury and getting healthier, you can also enter in your own goal for something more personal.

After that, just upload your own "secret identity" avatar (maybe an elf, superhero, or warrior lizard) and then Superbetter will lay out your quest complete with missions (babysteps to excellence), allies (socially networked friends to help keep you accountable and cheer you on) and bad guys (unexpected hurdles or bad habits you'll have to defeat on the way).

With every mission and bad guy you tackle, you'll get praise; points added to your physical, mental, emotional and social energy; and, if you like, an explanation of the science behind Superbetter's motivational system.

You can even load a quick "power pack" filled with side quests to help keep your mind and body a in good health. The more you do, the quicker you'll level up—then it's other quests and different challenges!

Admittedly, Superbetter would be super better if it included more missions for creative projects, professional goals and other spiritual pursuits. But as for making life more game-like and goal-reaching more fun, it's a great way to start.