Now You Can Workout Even While Partying at the Bar

By: Daniel Villarreal

Are workouts getting in the way of your partying? Then maybe it's time to merge the two, so you can workout while you party.

That's right! Just follow fitness trainer Ron Allen as he takes you through his revolutionary exercise program below—party training.

Whether you're crushing pineapples bare-handed to work out your forearms, squatting against the wall in your "personal VIP chair" or working your triceps with some bar stool dips, party training will make you the life (and hunk) of any get together.

Okay, okay, okay... party training isn't an actual workout regimen (unlike the lover's workout and the dance routine for LSD-addicted cat lovers). It's just a playful marketing campaign for Bjorn Borg underwear.

But if their video has inspired you, consider uploading your own exercise moves into their party training contest where you can win a year's worth of personal training and more.

Otherwise, you could just try drinking healthier cocktails to keep the weight off instead of turning the nearest bar or birthday party into your own public gym.