How to Get Abs Like Hilariously Outspoken NFL Gay Ally Chris Kluwe

By: Daniel Villarreal

Right now the gay blogosphere has a total man-crush on Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe — partly for his colorful public mockery of antigay politicians and partly for his shining brunette locks, chiseled jaw and lean muscular torso.

Thanks to t-shirts bearing the words "lustful cockmonster" and "beautifully unique sparklepony" — two phrases Kluwe used to dress down a Maryland State Legislator who criticized Kluwe for speaking out against Minnesota's anti-gay marriage amendment — it's easy to speak out loud for gay rights just like Kluwe.

But getting his sexy bod is a bit more difficult. Or at least it used to be, before Kluwe shared some of his diet and workout secrets that he used to get a six pack.

Though he provides a full abs workout, cardio routine and diet, here's a quick rundown of his suggested routine:

"I usually lift three days in a row and then take a day off, you need to give your body time to recover or else it will start doing unfortunate things which will most likely hurt a lot.

Morning Workout (non-kicking day) – Either an upper body or lower body lift, abs

Afternoon Workout (non-kicking day) – Mile run before practice to loosen up, cardio on treadmill and abs after practice

Morning Workout (kicking day) – Upper body lift, abs

Afternoon Workout (kicking day) – Mile run before practice, cardio on elliptical or pool and abs after practice

Lower Body Lift (reps should be between 8-12, no more than 80% max weight) – squats, leg presses, Russian dead lifts (RDL’s), hamstring curls, hip abduction and adduction, calf raises.

Upper Body Lift (reps should be between 8-12, no more than 80% max weight) – bench press, pull ups/machine pull downs, incline press, seated row/upright row, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms (gripper machine or rice bucket). Alternate one day with free weights, one day with machines."

True to his off-color style, Kluwe says, "Exercising properly requires all your focus and intensity, and you should be tired at the end of it. If you can talk to someone while you’re working out, you’re not doing it right. Also, on all lifts you want to alternate pushing and pulling motions (i.e. bench press set followed by a pull up set) and always control the weight both up and down; you should never be bouncing it off yourself or the machine. If it’s too heavy go down a couple pounds. Lifting should be hard, but not pooping out your lower intestine hard."

He's also got a pretty reasonable diet plan that focuses on protein and the occasional sweet snack. Combined, he says that if you, "Work hard, eat well, and you too can look half as good as a guy that eats straight cookie dough and somehow has 2% bodyfat. Lucky bastard."