The Mystery Of 'Morning Wood' Explained!

By: Daniel Villarreal

Ever wonder why you wake up with a boner every morning? The vloggers at ASAP Science have and let them reassure you... morning wood happens to everyone — even babies.

Apparently morning wood occurs during the rapid eye movement or R.E.M. phase of sleep, a phase that occurs several times a night. During R.E.M. sleep, you have dreams and you also experience a decrease in the neurotransmitter norepinephrine (pronounced: nor-ep-in-eff-rinn).

As norepinephrine decreases, testosterone flow increases, causing an increased blood flow to the penis and hence, boners. Also, because R.E.M. sleep is a shallow phase of sleep, we tend to wake up from it with our flags hoisted at full attention.

And as a bonus — as if morning wood wasn't awesome enough on its own — midnight boners also keep you from wetting your bed when you sleep. That that comes in handy, especially when you're sharing the bed with another dude.